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Top Five Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

Posted on September 1, 2019 at 10:22 PM
We have all heard the expression "you are what you eat".  So, making healthy food choices, i.e. what we eat, is important.  And just as important is "how we eat" or i.e. our eating habits.  good eating habits will support us to stay on track with maintaining our diets and digestive systems.  Below we've listed our top Healthy Eating Habits for you to consider if you aren't already doing this...

* EAT YOUR FOOD SLOWLY  Chewing your food versus scoffing it down makes a difference. For starters, it aids in the digestive process.  An increased amount of air is taken in if you eat too quickly as well as the portion size of the food is likely to be larger, leading to inadequate digestion and an increase in gas production.  When you eat slowly, you increase your chance of feeling full (and avoid overeating).  Unless you have gotten your meal portion sizing down pat, remember to stop eating before you feel full and allow a few minutes to see if you need to keep eating or if you are full.

* SIT WHILST YOU EAT  Standing and eating or eating on the run is counter-productive to good digestive processes.  Relax for a few minutes before you eat.  Choose to sit at the dining table, without the distraction of tv, and eat nice and slowly and with gratitude for the meal.  Eating with awareness helps with metabolism. 

* ENJOY WHAT YOU EAT  We are so lucky to have so many great foods available to us, lots of good quality foods, lots of variety and choices.  If you do choose to indulge in a little treat, then make the calouries count and enjoy it.  The odd treat to sooth the mind and soul or to satisfy you socially is ok.  Avoid stressing out "when eating something you shouldn't" as feelings of guilt or negativity don't serve you well.  Consider 90% for the body and 10% for the soul.  And remember, good healthy food doesn't have to be boring or unsatisfying - it may just require some pre-thought, commitment and organisation.

* PLAN YOUR MEALS and shopping list.  This will help avoid the last minute buying take-away meals which are hefty on the waistline as well as the budget, and increase your chances of cooking and eating healthier meals.  Plan your meals for the week, factoring in your schedule's activities.  Set aside a morning or afternoon to cook up healthy meals that can be frozen for eating later in the week.

*PORTION CONTROL YOUR MEALS  Learn to cook your meals with fresh ingredients, decreasing your intake of additives and preservatives. If you've cooked too much, save extras for left overs versus piling up your plate and feeling you must eat it all. Eating too much puts a strain on the digestive system and stresses the liver

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