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Spike in your stress levels

Posted on July 7, 2021 at 3:00 AM

Have your stress levels spiked recently?  I've found myself on a stress rollercoaster that last twelve months as some of you are aware.  Unfortunately, stress is normal in that it is part of our everyday lives.  But what stresses one person may not stress out someone else, so it is all relative to you.

During winter we can find ourselves tired, grumpy and cold.

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And at this time of the year we may have the stress of school holidays, end of financial year tax requirements, fighting off the flu....

Often I'm in denial that something is stressing me, but usually it becomes evident. So the trick is to recognise and admit you're stressed then take what action you can.  Below we've list five simple stress tips for you to consider:-

* Eat warm nourishing foods during winter.  Fuel your body and feed your brain.  Eat regular meals, and eat with mindfulness. Regular eating will maintain blood sugar levels and provide good energy levels. Avoid eating on the run - mindful eating is better for digestion and doing things in a mindful manner keeps stress managed and anxiety in check.

* Keep up your good sleep habits as good sleep will help you cope better when stressful things happen.

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* Take a break to reset, breathe, stretch, refocus and stay positive.  If you are feeling quite stress and can get out for a walk or do a meditation, you will find it helps calms the nervous system and can relax the mind.

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*Check in with your support network and seek professional help if required (eg counselling / Lifeline / Beyond Blue).  Fortunately we are more open with each other and understand the importance of maintaining good mental health. 

*Do something that makes you feel good.   This might be as simple as having a shower, cooking your favourity meal, watching a comedy, planting some herbs...   Check previous blog What Give Us Joy...

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