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It's the Power of Love...

Posted on February 5, 2021 at 2:37 AM
When I sit down to write a post I ask... "what information can I share that might help someone be a little healthier or happier?"  

It's also nice to provide advice and observations that appear reasonable, scientific and sensible.  I don't want to look to whacky right?

Well this time I'm pushing the limits.  Read on if you're game.  Here's some observations - are they sensible, reasonable or necessarily scientific???

Dr Bruce Lipton in this recent article, flying in the face of my "no sensible science in this article" approach explains how love effects the biological function of individual cells.  Check it out here

Love.  Often sung about by pop artists, mused by poets...
"Your love's got me looking so crazy right now..." Well, a lot of us can relate to Beyonce's Crazy in Love song. Indeed there are so many songs written about love.  What's your favourite love song?  Which love song do you currently resonate with?

Love can make you feel all kinds of physical and emotional responses from feeling ridiculously happy to being obsessed, from passionate to exhaustion.

Below are some of the signs you are being affected by love....

Obsession... like Beyonce's song, we can crave the feelings associated with being in love with other person.  We can't wait to spend time with them.  Falling in love can activates the addictive and opioid systems in our brain.

Hormonal spikes... the pleasure hormone dopamine and the love hormone oxytocin rush to your brain with that first flash of love and desire.  This rush of hormones to the brain contributes to those physical feelings of attraction and excitement, the 'butterflies in the stomach'.

Distraction... romantic passionate love can impact our focus when there is intense emotions.  Science has identified that this kind of love can reduced cognitive function and thus your focus or it may lower serotonin levels and give rise to OCD behaviour.

Maturity of emotions... As love deepens and we practice more loving kindness and mindfullness with our loved ones the brain's centre for empathy and emotions are activated.  Also when we practice meditation (and other peaceful, relaxing activities that spark joy), we trigger the brains emotion processing centres.

Giving and receiving love.... it's not all about romantic love. When we go about our lives and show acts of love and kindness, this is reflected in the body with lowered stress hormones, reduced fear and an increase in improved mental and emotional wellbeing.  Engaging in positive loving activities triggers areas in your brain that regulate your motivation, your attention, your emotions as well as your memory.

So, love may make us crazy but it looks like it can boost your health and wellbeing.  Below are four positive loving activities to consider doing:-

1. Write a love letter.  This can be to a Valentine, to a partner, to your mum or your dad.  It is all about putting down in writing and sharing with the other person how you love and appreciate them in your life.

2. Randomly call an old friend.  Sometimes life gets in the way of staying in touch with friends who don't live close or have busy lives themselves. However, a good old fashion, old school pick up the phone and call someone out of the blue may just make their day. 

3. Eat treat.  Surprise your love one with a home cooked meal or pack a picnic.  Or if you can't cook, it is all good, you can assemble a grazing platter full of nibblies and open a bottle of bubbly.

4. Action that back burner project.  Does your loved one have a small project that you can do for them or help them with?  Just the offer to help is often appreciated.

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