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Five Tips for Achieving your Goals

Posted on March 1, 2020 at 9:18 PM
5 Top Tips for Achieving your Goals in 2020
1.    Have audacious goals but…
·      Unpack the goal.  Break it down into do-able parts / stages.  Break it down into at least five smaller, attainable goals. Record how you are going to feel having achieved the goal.  Give the goal review checkpoints and due dates.

2.    Track your goals…
·      Have a system in place that reminds you how and when to check in on your goals.  Use a system that works for you, that is simple.  If this is on a blackboard next to the fridge or in your outlook calendar or on some fancy app, it doesn’t matter so long as you use it to have track and stay focused on your goals.

3.    Celebrate the milestones…
·      Milestone, target, deliverable… whatever you want to call it, whenever you’ve worked on your goal and progressed, celebrate the win.  Give your self some high fives along the way.

4.    Have support systems in place…
·      Some days can be more challenging than others.  Phone a friend or know what it is you will do when you are not coping or feel like giving up on your goal.  Maybe have a shared goal with a mate and you can be achieving this together and encourage each other along the way.

5.    Commit to the goal…
·      … by sharing your goal with others.  Put it in writing what it is you are setting out to achieve.  Maybe share updates on your progress.

Categories: Autumn, Goals

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