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5 Ways to make a Change that Sticks

Posted on January 5, 2020 at 11:12 PM
We often hear of efforts to change that are unsuccessful.  New Year's resolutions that don't make it past January etc.  Here's a great way to make a change that will stick.

Five ways to make a change that sticks:

  1. Choose something that you can do now.
  2. Choose something that you can make the decision about alone - i.e. doesn't require permission/collaboration.
  3. Choose something you can do where you are.
  4. Choose something you can do with the resources you have already.
  5. Choose something that will have a long term benefit for a little effort today.

Making long term change is an example of a great paradox in life - We want to change for the future but can only really make changes now

If we set out to quit an addiction to sugar for example we can't quit sugar tomorrow.  All we can do is not eat that sugary sweet in front of us in this moment.  

Big changes come about from a sequence of decisions made in a long string of moments.

Let us know how you go with a change.  Some examples we have seen are:

  • Fixing a push bike tyre to make a fitness plan easier.
  • Fixing a water tap to make it easier to turn off.

Categories: Acupuncture, Energy, Goals