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Posted on February 3, 2019 at 9:25 PM
One of my favourite movies is the Justin Timberlake movie “In Time” from 2012.  If you haven’t seen it, in brief, it is about a futuristic society in which people are genetically modified to “expire” on their 25 birthday – unless they are able to acquire more time credits from some means eg income or obtained from someone else’s time, thus making time a very valuable commodity indeed.  No, I think you will have to watch the movie to get what I am saying…
Do you value your time?  Are you making the most of your time?  Have you ever done an analysis of how your time is spent each week?  There are 168 hours in a week.  Take a few minutes to check in where your time goes in a given week.  Do a comparison of your desired hours versus your current hours, for example:-
SLEEP                         = 56 hours (desired),   49 hours  (current)
WORKING                  = 40 hours  (desired),  70 hours  (current)
HOUSEWORK            =   2 hours  (desired),     8 hours  (current)
STUDY / LEARNING  =   8 hours  (desired),   12 hours  (current)
FITNESS                     = 12 hours  (desired),     4 hours  (current)
RELAX, MISC             =  50 hours  (desired),  25 hours (current)
Ask yourself:-

  • What can you do to bridge the gap between your desired hours from your current hours?
  • Can you see any opportunities to move from where you are to where you want to be?
  • Are there tasks that you can delegate to the kids or your partner or pay someone else to do?
  • If you were able to outsource some of the housework or gardening ie, get someone else to do it, you could free up time to spend more time relaxing or doing other fun activities. 
  • Are there tasks that you can combine and save time?  For example, you could listen to an audible study book whilst getting your doing your daily walk for fitness.
  • Are you able to do your study on the train whilst travelling to work, or use train travel time to relax and watch a downloaded movie.

Some of our time allocation is simply just fixed and non-negotiable.  Once we start to look at how we use our time and value it more, we will look at how to use our time better and ways in which to effectively manage and leverage our time.
Five Tips on how to use time wisely and take the pressure off:-
1. Do a task / to do list for each day  - and recognize how completing these helps towards achieving a goal you have set.  Eg, on the daily to-do list you might have “walk the dogs” and this contributes to your goal of staying fit and healthy.  Remember, your list can have fun things on there, it's not all about work!
2. Find and use the tool or techniques that most help you stay organized - and sane and use them consistently.  Eg.  Using “Reminders” tool on your smartphone / computer for to-do lists, things to remember or follow up.  We use reminders for Groceries we need to buy.  And I have a list of Books I want to read…  These ‘reminders’ can be shared and updated by your partner or work team mate if required.
3.  Delegate more often. Are you spending your time doing things that you should be delegating to someone else?  Or are you spending time doing something you simply don't need to be doing ie, don't delegate it - delete it from your to-do list.
4.  Work on the tasks that give you the maximum return for the goals that are important to you.  Take time to check what is on your to-do list and prioritise time to do those things that give you the most benefit and achieving what it is you most want.
5.  Be efficient and time effective.  Review and refine tasks to ensure they are done most in the most efficient amount of time. 

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