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Christmas in July 2019 at Audacious Health

Posted on July 1, 2019 at 3:14 AM
IT"S OUR FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR!!  Why are we shouting - because Christmas in July is back.  We missed Christmas in July last year and frankly Christmas in December just isn't the same.  So what is Christmas in July all about - It's all about us saying "thank you" to you our lovely customers, followers and subscribers.

To express our gratitude for you we have written you a little poem.

I heard that you were hurting; something wasn’t just quite right
It might have been a backache; a heartache or your sight
You came to have a treatment – we shared a listening ear
Before the time was over the cause was very clear
We delivered your treatment with care
Perhaps a laugh to two; to be fair
Surely you felt better when the treating time was done
What started as a pain was almost even fun
Thank you for choosing us
To share your health success 
You’re really very special in every special way
And at this time of Christmas (in July) we’d really like to say
“Thank you” 

Thank you for your continued support – we really have the best customers and community in the world.
P.S.  As poets we make pretty awesome acupuncturists!!